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Chassis & container rentals in calgary

When ground-level access is a concern, our fleet of containers are an excellent storage choice. We use containers to protect your goods from being damaged or broken. Leaseway Corporation Limited provides storage container and container chassis for rentals for businesses. Our containers and chassis come in the following varieties:

  • 20’, 40’, and 53’ containers
  • 20’ and 40’–53’ triaxle chassis
  • Refrigerated containers available

Why Use a Storage Container?

Our storage containers are very flexible for storing excess inventory for your commercial and industrial needs. Such containers are portable, durable and cost-effective. Storage containers can be extensively used in various businesses such as:

  • Manufacturing plants

             When you are running out of warehouse storage space and you need a temporary space to store your goods.

  • Construction business

You need optimum storage for your unused materials and tools.

  • Agriculture

            Your excessive agricultural produce needs proper storage to be gradually used over time.

  • Retail

In retail business, after a bulk purchase, you need to keep the extra merchandise in a clean and dry environment.

  • Using a storage container ensures the goods placed inside are free from exposure to the elements and potential damage.

Cold Storage

Leaseway Corporation Limited provides easy, secure and convenient cold storage container rentals. We rent refrigerated containers for storing perishable products such as seafood, vegetables, and fruits or nonedible products which are susceptible to damage without cold storage facility. Our refrigerated containers contain an integral refrigeration unit and have a dense foam insulation to provide the adequate temperature required for the products stored.

Transportation of Storage Containers

You can choose for the storage containers to be kept in your vicinity, or you can opt to keep it within our facility. If you need to move your stored goods, we have container chassis to move your storage container to its destination as and when required by you. Our container chassis are of different sizes to transport the varied-sized storage containers without any hassle. We have 20’ and 40’-53’ triaxle chassis.

If you need detailed information about storage containers rentals in Calgary and surrounding areas, you can contact us. Our team of professionals can advise you, and help you rent equipment which will be best suited for your business.

Brands of Our Heavy Equipment Trailers in Calgary

Take a look at the following list to see the high-quality heavy equipment trailer brands we supply:

semi-trailer rental

Reasons to Rent

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