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Looking for a Storage Trailer Rental?

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Flexible Storage Trailer Rental in Calgary

If you're searching for a superior storage solution in Calgary, your answer lies with Leaseway Corporation Limited. Our trusted services offer storage trailer rental in Calgary that you can depend on for all your storage, transportation, and commercial needs. We take pride in our diverse fleet of heavy equipment trailers, including versatile dry vans in various sizes, ranging from 28' to 53' tandem and tridem units. These dry vans are designed to excel in city and highway transportation, making them ideal for your storage requirements.

At Leaseway Corporation Limited, we understand the importance of security so you can store these trailers at your site or within our secure yard. Whether you need a temporary storage solution for excess inventory or a reliable means of transporting your goods, our storage trailer rentals in Calgary are the answer. Trust us for top-notch service and flexible options to meet your specific needs. Contact us today.

Dry Trailer

Benefits of Renting a Storage Trailer

Storage trailer rentals in Calgary are an ideal option to give yourself tons of extra space to store your equipment. Listed below are the reasons why you should consider the storage trailer option:

Security: When it comes to safety, our storage containers stand out. They are internally dry and feature robust padlocks, ensuring your valuable equipment remains safe from potential damage or theft. This level of security makes our storage trailer rentals in Calgary a top-tier choice.

Convenience: If your items are secured in a storage trailer, you can easily avoid going off-site to get them or haul anything back and forth. Your items are right on-site, and should you need to relocate the trailer, our proficient team is ready to assist.

Cost-effective: One of the great things about storage trailers is that they are cost-effective. This makes them an excellent choice, especially for emerging businesses operating on a tight budget. These sturdy trailers provide a secure inventory-holding solution at a fraction of the cost compared to renting a dedicated building.

Scalability: If your storage needs fluctuate, renting allows you to scale up or down easily. You can quickly add or return trailers as your business demands change.

No maintenance hassles: When renting a storage trailer, you don't have to worry about maintenance, repairs, or inspections.

Delivery and pickup: We typically handle the delivery and pickup of the storage trailer, saving you time and effort. This can be incredibly convenient if you need the trailer at multiple locations.

Variety of sizes: We offer a range of trailer sizes to accommodate different storage needs. You can choose the size that ideally fits your requirements, ensuring efficient use of space.

For more information on the benefits of renting storage trailers, visit our "Why Rent?" page, or to learn more about our storage trailer rental service, feel free to contact us. We'll be happy to assist you.

Industries That Benefit from Portable Storage Trailers

We offer safe and versatile storage trailer rentals in Calgary for your requirements. Here are some industries that find value in our services:


  • Construction
    New developments always require portable storage to hold equipment and other valuable tools onsite. The storage trailers can help the project conveniently store everything they need without going back and forth to different places.


  • Education
    Educational institutions, including schools, inevitably face storage capacity challenges over time. When this occurs, the demand for additional storage space arises. Our storage trailers offer an ideal solution, significantly reducing costs compared to constructing new buildings. Opting for one or more remote trailers is a cost-effective and practical choice, efficiently accommodating educational institutions' expanding storage needs.


  • Small businesses
    For small businesses, storage trailers are an intelligent investment. Buying, constructing, or leasing a warehouse can be costly, and most companies don’t require much space. Funding is usually a concern in the initial days. Hence, opting for our solutions can help save them a lot of money.

For all your storage trailer rental needs in Calgary, please call us. Our representatives will gladly answer any questions you have regarding our rental services.

Uses of Storage Trailer

Storage trailers have become increasingly popular regarding efficient and secure storage solutions. In Calgary, we stand out as a reliable provider of storage trailer rentals, offering a range of versatile options to meet various needs. 

  • Seasonal storage
    Calgary's unpredictable weather demands a reliable storage solution for seasonal items. Leaseway Corporation Limited provides weather-resistant storage trailers, ensuring your belongings' safety during harsh conditions. Whether it's winter sports equipment or patio furniture, a storage trailer offers a convenient and secure space.

  • Construction site storage
    Construction projects often require on-site storage for tools, equipment, and materials. Our storage trailers are spacious and mobile, allowing easy relocation as the project progresses. This flexibility ensures that all necessary items are within reach, optimizing workflow efficiency.

  • Retail inventory overflow
    Retailers in Calgary can benefit from Leaseway's storage trailers to manage inventory overflow during peak seasons or special promotions. These trailers provide a temporary, cost-effective solution for storing excess stock, helping businesses maintain organized and accessible storage spaces.

  • Event equipment storage
    Organizing events in Calgary requires meticulous planning, and having a designated storage space for event equipment is crucial. Our storage trailers offer a convenient solution for storing tables, chairs, decorations, and other event essentials, ensuring a smooth setup and teardown process.

  • Moving and relocation
    During the moving process, having a temporary storage solution is invaluable. Storage trailers we provide offer a secure and flexible option for storing furniture and belongings during the transition, whether a residential move or a business relocation.

Rent a Dry Van Today

Contact us today for more information on our dry van or storage trailer rental services in Calgary. We are happy to accommodate your schedule and educate you on how to get the process started!

Brands of Our Heavy Equipment Trailers in Calgary

Take a look at the following list to see the high-quality heavy equipment trailer brands we supply:

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For all your storage trailer rental needs in Calgary, look no further than Leaseway Corporation Limited. Our team at Leaseway is committed to providing top-notch service, ensuring your storage requirements are met efficiently and professionally. Whether you're a business needing extra space or an individual looking for a temporary storage solution, Leaseway has you covered. Feel free to contact our team or visit us in our Calgary office.


Reasons to Rent

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