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Looking for a Storage Trailer Rental?

When you need trailers, trucks, or specialized equipment, give us a call.

Flexible Storage Trailer Rentals in Calgary

Are you looking for a better storage solution? When it comes to storing equipment, moving commercial goods, storing an overstock of product, and transportation, choose Leaseway Corporation Limited.  For dependable storage trailer rental in Calgary, rely on us. As part of our fleet of heavy equipment trailers in Calgary, our dry vans come in several unit sizes. Ranging from 28’ to 53’ tandem and tridem units, these dry vans are capable of city, highway, and storage use. You can store them at your own site or in our secure yard.

Dry Trailer

Benefits of Renting a Storage Trailer?

Renting storage trailers is an ideal option to give yourself tons of extra space to store your equipment. Listed below are the reasons why you should consider the storage trailer option:

Flexibility Storage trailer rentals and dry trailer rentals from Leaseway Corporation Limited offer more flexibility than almost any other storage option. Our storage containers are movable because of which our towing specialists can move them wherever you like.

Security Our storage containers are not only dry from inside but also secured with a padlock. For peace of mind that your equipment would not be damaged or stolen, these features make our storage trailers an ideal option.

Convenience If your items are secured in a storage trailer, you can easily avoid going off-site to get them or haul anything back and forth. You can find the items on-site, and if you want the trailer to be moved to a different location, our team can help you with that.

Cost-effective One of the great things about storage trailers is that they are cost-effective. They can be an excellent option for new businesses that don’t have the budget for a warehouse. We have sturdy trailers that can securely hold your inventory for less money than renting a building.

For more information on the benefits of renting storage trailers, visit our "Why Rent?" page!

Industries That Benefit from Portable Storage Trailers

We offer safe and versatile storage trailer rentals in Calgary for your requirements. Here are a few industries that benefit from our services:



There are always new developments that require portable storage to hold equipment and other valuable tools onsite. The storage trailers can help the project conveniently store everything they need without going back and forth to different places.



Schools and other educational institutions always outgrow their storage capacity after a certain period. In such cases, extra space is required for storage. Our storage trailer can be just what they need as it will be a lot cheaper to store everything in a remote trailer or two than constructing additional buildings.


Small businesses

For small businesses, storage trailers are an intelligent investment. Buying, constructing or leasing a warehouse can be costly, and most companies don’t even require that much space. Funding is usually a concern in the initial days, hence opting for our solutions can help save them a lot of money.


For all your requirements related to storage trailer rental services in Calgary, give us a call. Our representatives will be happy to answer any questions you may have about our rental services.

Rent a Dry Van Today

Contact us today for more information on our dry van or storage trailers rental services in Calgary. We are happy to accommodate your schedule and educate you on how to get the process started! 

Brands of Our Heavy Equipment Trailers in Calgary

Take a look at the following list to see the high-quality heavy equipment trailer brands we supply:


Reasons to Rent

Wondering why you should rent? Learn about the benefits of renting over buying.

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