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Reliable Semi-trailer Rentals Service in Calgary

Dependable Semi-trailer Rental in Calgary

Leaseway Corporation Limited is your trusted partner for semi-trailer rentals in Calgary. Our commitment to delivering innovative storage solutions empowers businesses of all sizes to enhance efficiency, cut costs, and expand their operations. With a solid track record and a steadfast customer base, Leaseway Corporation Limited is a leading provider of flexible and tailor-made semi-trailer rental solutions.

Our extensive fleet of semi-trailers caters to diverse commercial needs, accommodating everyone from small business proprietors to large national corporations in Calgary. We recognize that each business has unique requirements, so our semi-trailer rental services are fully customizable. Whether you need short-term rentals for seasonal spikes or long-term contracts for steady growth, Leaseway Corporation Limited is dedicated to finding the perfect trailer rental solution.

Choose Leaseway Corporation Limited for reliable, cost-effective, and innovative semi-trailer rentals in Calgary and experience a seamless partnership that supports your business goals. Contact us now.

Versatile Semi-trailer Rentals for Every Industry and Application

We offer a wide variety of semi-trailers and equipment for rent for every industry and situation of every size, including:

Wholesale distributors

Contractors/construction workers

Health care institutions


Government agencies

Industrial/oilfield companies

Festival and special events

Food and beverage companies

Educational institutions

Retail establishments

Cold storage

Restoration emergencies

By renting a trailer with us, you can rely on us to have quality semi-trailers available to meet your growing demand. We also offer dry vans, refrigerated trailers, storage containers, and more. Contact our team to find the right storage rental solution for you!

Types of Trailer Rentals We Offer

Leaseway Corporation Limited is renowned in Calgary for its exceptional reputation in providing meticulously maintained and certified trailers for transportation and storage needs. Our trailers offer the ideal temporary or long-term storage solution if you need additional space to accommodate surplus inventory, parts, or seasonal merchandise.

With a legacy from 1976, Leaseway Corporation Limited has been a trusted provider of dependable and cost-effective storage and semi-trailer rentals in Calgary. Our extensive fleet of rental trailers encompasses:

    Opt for your ideal dry van trailer from our extensive range, available in various lengths, styles, and configurations to fulfill your needs, whether it's for on-road transportation, cartage, or storage purposes.


    Explore diverse storage solutions in multiple lengths and styles, specifically tailored for on-site utilization.


    Discover the perfect refrigerated trailer to suit your requirements, with options in various lengths, styles, and features that ensure the dependable transport or storage of perishable and temperature-sensitive goods.


    Select from our sturdy and dependable flatbed trailers, designed to offer versatility and simplified loading for your bulky or oversized cargo.


    Utilize our ground-level accessible storage containers, and take advantage of our container chassis that can be raised when you need to relocate your stored items.

Contact us to learn more about our rental services. We are flexible and will do our best to create a solution that caters to what’s best for you!

Benefits of Semi-Trailer Rentals 

Discover the numerous benefits that come with leasing semi-trailers from Leaseway Corporation Limited. Our rental solutions are designed to optimize your business operations. 

Cost-effective: Renting is less costly than buying your semi-trailer or equipment.

Instant storage solution: Renting can help you deal with inventory overflow or seasonal demand for stores, businesses, and warehouses.

Flexible availability: You can choose the rental period that works best for you, whether it’s short-term or long-term.

Easy maintenance: We have our own mechanics and service shop to maintain our fleet properly.

Wide selection: With us, you can choose from several dry vans, refrigerated trailers, flat decks, step decks, containers, and specialty equipment trailers.

Convenience: Our drivers can deliver, move, and pick up your rental trailer at your request.

Easy storage: Your rental can easily be stored at your location or our secure location.

Explore the versatility and cost-effectiveness of our semi-trailer rentals in Calgary today. Get in touch with us today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions regarding semi-trailer rental in Calgary.

What Types of Semi-trailers Does Leaseway Corporation Limited Offer for Rent in Calgary?

Leaseway Corporation Limited provides a diverse range of semi-trailers for rent in Calgary, including dry vans, flatbeds, refrigerated trailers, and more. Our fleet is well-maintained and equipped to meet various transportation needs.

What Is the Rental Duration for Semi-trailers at Leaseway Corporation Limited?

We offer flexible rental durations to accommodate your specific requirements. Whether you need a semi-trailer for a short-term project or a long-term lease, we have customizable options to suit your timeline.

What Documents Are Required to Rent a Semi-trailer From Leaseway Corporation Limited?

To rent a semi-trailer, you must provide a valid driver's license, proof of insurance, and any other documentation outlined by our rental agreement. Our team will guide you through the required paperwork to ensure a smooth rental process.

How Does Pricing Work for Semi-trailer Rentals in Calgary With Leaseway Corporation Limited?

Our pricing is competitive and varies based on factors such as the type of trailer, rental duration, and additional services required. Contact our team for a personalized quote tailored to your specific needs.

Read our blogs to learn more about our products and services regarding semi-trailer rental in Calgary.

Contact Us

We pride ourselves on providing top-quality services for your unique transportation needs. Our dedicated team is here to address any inquiries, requests, or concerns you may have. Whether you're looking for short-term rentals or long-term partnerships, Leaseway Corporation Limited has you covered. Feel free to call us for a personalized quote, detailed information about our fleet, or any other assistance required.

Upgrade Your Transportation Experience

Our comprehensive range of services ensures a seamless and reliable transportation solution for your business needs.

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