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Benefits of Using Refrigerated Trailers and the Industries Where These Are Needed

Updated: Jul 26, 2022

refrigerated semi trailer rental

Refrigerated trailer rentals are a great option for storing or transporting perishable goods in a temperature-controlled space. These trailers have found use across various industries, such as food service industry, pharmaceutical industry and others. If you are in need of a refrigerated mode of transportation or storage for your business, Leaseway Corporation can help you out.

We have been providing various kinds of trailers for rent in Calgary for over 40 years. Our fleet includes reefer vans, dry vans and flat decks in various sizes. We provide flexible solutions for our client’s trailer needs, whether our client happens to be a national corporation or a small business owner. Benefits of Refrigerated Trailer Rentals There are various benefits of using our refrigerated trailers, including: • Flexibility Leaseway offers a wide selection of over-the-road and storage semi-trailers to meet all of your refrigeration needs. Our rental fleet is well maintained and is available for either short or long term rental. • Protecting your goods The most evident advantage of the refrigerated mode of transportation and storage is that it safeguards products from perishing or losing their value. This doesn’t just go with food, such as meat and dairy, but also for other items such as pharmaceuticals. • Rising demand for fresh perishable goods Refrigerated storage lets products in need of temperature control to be transported more efficiently than alternative modes of transportation. Due to this, items in high demand, such as seafood and fresh meat, depend on the refrigerated mode of transportation. • Refrigerated transportation applies to a range of product types Refrigerated transportation is needed for many types of products, ranging from personal care products to valuable art. Common Industries Where Refrigerated Trailers Are Necessary Any industry which needs to keep their products at the right temperature needs refrigerated space. Few of these industries include: • Restaurant industry Without food service distribution, restaurants will have to source their ingredients directly from farms and manufacturers. It’s true that there are many farm-to-table restaurants but not all restaurants can operate that way. Also, a lot of ingredients that get served – even the ones sourced from farms – need to be transported. This industry is therefore dependent on refrigerated van rentals to ensure the ingredients do not get spoilt in transit. • Pharmaceutical industry The pharmaceutical industry also relies on refrigerated transportation to ensure that the products reach the end customer without getting damaged. A lot of medical products need to be stored at a specific temperature from getting spoiled. • High-end art galleries Not many know that art is perishable. The ideal temperature for the transportation of artwork is around 21 degrees Celsius. This makes temperature-controlled transportation very important for this industry. Looking for Refrigerated Trailer Rentals? Leaseway Corporation can help you when you are in need of temperature-controlled storage and transportation. We have a range of options that will match the needs of today’s businesses. We can also help you out with other options such as flat-deck trailer rentals. Call us to learn more about how we can help you with refrigerated trailer rentals.

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