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Common Questions About Reefer Trailers

Updated: Jul 26, 2022

Common Questions About Reefer Trailers

Are you looking for a refrigerated trailer for your business but unsure where to start? These types of trailers are known as "reefers," and there are various types and sizes. There are a number of common questions that are asked regarding these trailers, including queries about security, suitability, and whether to buy or lease reefer trailers in Calgary. Read on to discover answers to these questions, which will help you choose the correct reefer trailer for you and your business.

What Is the Purpose of a Reefer Trailer? Contrary to what some may believe, reefer trailers are not used to cool items down. Their purpose is to maintain the existing temperature of the cargo. Food and medicine are the most common items which need to be transported with a consistent temperature. When these items are in large quantities, reefer trailers are a trusted method of transport. A reefer trailer attaches to a truck and can keep its cargo at a steady temperature for the duration of the haul regardless of external conditions. Some reefers even have different "zones" within the unit, meaning that both refrigerated and frozen items can be transported. How Does a Reefer Trailer Work? A compressor, powered by small engines, draws and compresses refrigerant gas. The compressed gas liquefies and is passed through a condenser to remove further heat. The cool liquid then goes through an evaporator, which turns the liquid back into a gas. This cold gas is what refrigerates the unit. This is an elementary description of the interior workings of a reefer trailer. Several sensors determine the amount of cool air needed to maintain the temperature of the trailer. In reality, a reefer trailer works in a way very similar to your refrigerator at home, just on a much larger scale. Should I Buy or Lease a Reefer Trailer Calgary? The most important feature of a reefer trailer is its efficiency. While buying a reefer trailer is a good option, over time these trailers will become less efficient, and repair and maintenance costs can creep up. Older reefer trailers can actually have the interior fully replaced while keeping the outer shell. This is a cheaper option, but can still become costly after multiple replacements. Leasing a reefer trailer is potentially the best option. This ensures that your reefer trailer will always be in good condition. Ready for Your Reefer Trailer? The price of a reefer trailer lease depends on the size of the trailer and the amount of time you want to lease it for. The team at Leaseway Corporation Ltd will ensure that you have the right trailer to suit your needs, whether it be just for transportation, or for on-site storage of temperature-sensitive goods. If you're looking for reefer trailers in Calgary, look no further than Leaseway Corp, so get in touch today for a quote.

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