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Dry Van vs. Flatbed Trailers

There are tons of options available to transport goods and cargo. Standard freight shipping methods on the road rely on dry vans and flatbed trailers. One option might be better depending on the cargo you are transporting.

Below we will lay out the differences between dry vans and flatbed trailers. By the end, you should have a good idea of which trailer you should use.

What Is a Dry Van?

A dry van is an enclosed trailer that can haul pallets, boxed or loose freight. They are usually around 53 feet in length and 8.5-feet wide. Dry vans usually haul non-perishable and dry items such as electronics and non-perishable foods.

Dry vans offer physical protection against theft, weather, and other elements while on the road. They are perfect for shipping things that might perish if exposed to the air, such as packaged food and drink. Another advantage is the convenience of dropping off shipments. The driver can unhook the dry van trailer and move on to pick up a new dry van without waiting for the trailer to unload.

What Are Flatbed Trailers?

A flatbed is a trailer with no enclosed shell – no walls or ceiling. Flatbed trailers can haul bulky cargo such as construction equipment, lumber, building materials, pipes, etc. A standard flat deck trailer ranges from 48’ to 53’.

Since it does not have walls or a ceiling, cargo can be loaded and unloaded from any angle. For example, steel beams, piping or lumber can be lowered onto the flatbed by a crane and secured with straps. Another advantage is that it can haul heavy oversize items and equipment.

Where to Rent A Dry Van or Flatbed Trailer

Now that you know the differences between a dry van and a flatbed truck, you can make better decisions about transporting your next shipment. If you still have questions, contact Leaseway Corporation Limited. Our specialists can help review our trailer rental options and let you know which would be best for your business.

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