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Popular Types of Trailers for Semi-Trailer Rental in Calgary

Updated: Jul 26, 2022

Semi-trailer driving on the the road.

Do you have a lot of inventory you need a place to store? Or are you looking for a trailer for storing supplies? Well, you've come to the right place. In this article, we'll teach you about different types of semi-trailers and what's for rent in Calgary. There are different types of trailers for rental. This simple guide teaches you all you should know about them and semi-trailer rental in Calgary.

Types of Semi-Trailers There are many semi-trailers for you to choose from. Keep these types of trailers in mind while searching for suitable storage space or transporting goods. Flatbeds Dry vans (enclosed) Refrigerated Step-deck Dry vans are mainly used for transporting goods, and inventory storage. Refrigerated semi-trailers are key when items need to be kept cold or frozen. Flatbeds and step-decks are used to transport bigger items and equipment. They can also be used for storage. Some people even re-purpose their dry van and use it as a business. Benefits of Renting a Semi-Trailer Renting a semi-trailer for storage is a great idea because it's safe and effective. There are many benefits when choosing to rent a semi-trailer. One major benefit of renting a semi-trailer is flexibility. You can choose the location of your semi-trailer, whether it be at your business location or in our secure yard. Semi-trailers are also useful for seasonal business and other short-term storage needs. If you need to rent a semi-trailer for an unknown amount of time, there's no need to worry. Most companies are flexible and are willing to work with you! Renting a semi-trailer also provides you with security because you know your inventory is safe. If you step inside one of our storage trailers, you'll notice that they're dry and can be secured with a padlock. This is to ensure the safety of our customer's equipment. Semi-Trailer Rental in Calgary Finding the right semi-trailer in Calgary isn't as difficult as you think. At Leaseway, you'll find the perfect semi-trailer rental in Calgary for your storage needs. If you need to rent a trailer, consider renting one from us. We offer a variety of trailers including, dry vans, refrigerated vans, and flat decks. To learn more about renting trailers from Leaseway, send us a message today.

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