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Trailer Rental vs. Purchasing a Trailer — Advice from Calgary’s Top Trailer Company

Updated: Jul 26, 2022

Deciding whether to rent or buy a trailer for commercial use is tricky. There is a commonly held belief that if you can buy rather than rent, you should. But what this doesn’t consider is the maintenance, upkeep and cost of replacing parts, which can make an already expensive asset even more costly. By choosing to rent your trailer, rather than buy, you can save money, time, and avoid the additional costs associated with ownership. Here we break down what to do if you need a trailer in Calgary.

Why Rent a Trailer - Top 5 Reasons

When running a business, every dollar counts. While buying can have its advantages, it can create more problems and costs than you want from your gear. Here are the top reasons to choose renting over buying:

Lower costs: If you have never looked at the cost of a trailer before, you are in for a surprise. They can be very expensive! While buying outright might look good on paper, it still requires a significant amount of money upfront, which you could be putting towards more useful investments.

An option for every need: We see our trailers used for all kinds of jobs, including construction, industrial, oilfield work, festival set up and more. Buying a trailer limits the types of jobs you can do to only the ones that trailer is designed for. But if a specialty job comes up, you’ll be out of luck or will end up having to rent another trailer better suited for that job. Renting opens up possibilities for the kind of work you can do that buying simply cannot match.

Maintenance: To continue being road-safe, a trailer will need regular maintenance, which is expensive and time-consuming. Extra tires, wiring, rust coatings… these add up and can drain any financial incentive you had to buy the trailer in the first place. By renting a trailer, you avoid having to worry about maintenance and upkeep by leaving that to the rental company, plus you guarantee what you are renting is always in peak condition.

Length of use: While long-term use over the course of years tends to justify purchasing a trailer outright, in almost all other circumstances, renting is a far better option. Even for longer-term jobs, a rental gives you the flexibility to pay for the trailer only for the time you need it.

After the job: Ask yourself what you will be doing when the job you got the trailer for is done. Will you still need it? If you bought the trailer, do you have a place to store it when not in use? Many people do not ask these questions when considering whether to buy or rent and then get stuck with an extremely expensive piece of gear they have to pay to store and maintain. Renting works so well because, when the job is done, you do not have to worry about the trailer. No storage or maintenance costs. You just give it back and if you need it again, you can rent it again. No problem!

Leaseway Corporation Limited takes pride in serving Calgary and the surrounding area for over 40 years. When you choose to rent from us, you are guaranteed not only the best service at the best price, but also a wide range of solutions designed to suit your requirements. It is hassle-free and financially smart.

Choose the trailer rental solution that delivers efficiency at a better price. Call 403-290-0234 or contact us online to find out more.

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