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What Are the 3 Best Features of a Quality Refrigerated Trailer?

Refrigerated Trailer in Calgary
Refrigerated Trailers Available in Calgary

Looking for a quick way to transport your frozen goods?

At room temperature, bacteria can multiply and contaminate food. Take a look at this food recall resulting from unrefrigerated clams, for example.

Sometimes it isn’t even about contaminants. Some pharmaceuticals like insulin and vaccines break down if they aren’t kept in stable temperatures.

Stable temperatures are the enemy of recent heatwaves and fickle weather, especially in Canada. What do you do when you need to maintain transport and product flow? A refrigerated trailer is your best bet!

If you’re looking for refrigerated trailer advice, look no further. Here are the three best features of a reefer rental.

1. Affordable

Is renting better than owning? The answer to this is a case-to-case basis that depends on how much use you will get from something.

Purchasing a refrigerated trailer costs a whopping $60,000 on average. With such a hefty price tag, are you sure it will pay off in the long run? Owning expensive equipment may be satisfying, but renting is how you get the best bang for your buck.

If you break down how often you rent a refrigerated trailer in the long term, it still amounts to lower than how much you’d pay if you bought one. We haven’t even mentioned maintenance, repairs, and storage. Why waste precious resources when a fully equipped company can give you the same thing and more?

No need to worry about fluctuating bills, either. Please consult with one of our technicians and pay a fixed monthly price.

2. Convenient

Have you ever found yourself needing to refrigerate something pronto? Perhaps items such as: fresh meats, fruits and vegetables, readymade meal kits, boutique brewery items, temperature-sensitive medication, or even laboratory or restaurant supplies. The last thing you want is your cargo spoiling or getting compromised.

Temperature-sensitive aren’t as resilient as those that are temperature-stable. Thus, they are far less forgiving of error.

Looking for a refrigerator on short notice while your precious cargo is in the heat is a double challenge. The more time you take looking for such a niche and in-demand service, your product becomes more unviable.

Don’t let your loot go to waste! A refrigerated trailer is what you need for emergency refrigeration. Give us a call, and we can set everything up, bypass peak times, and provide prompt service.

3. Portable

Not everyone has the space or manpower to lug around a fridge in case they need them. Good thing refrigerated trailers are already built exactly for this purpose!

Never go without refrigeration. With this hybrid cooling reefer, you have refrigeration on demand.

Everyone wants to be the next MacGyver and come up with creative solutions. Put down the wrench; we have the perfect specialized equipment for you. Explore our page for more transport solutions until you find the right fit.

Find the Best Refrigerated Trailer for Your Business

Keep your product flow steady and reliable, without interruptions from fickle weather. Don’t battle the elements alone! A refrigerated trailer is an affordable and convenient way to maintain storage and transport your goods.

Are you looking for a refrigerated trailer rental? Contact us today and check out offers on our website to find the right mobile storage for you. Move risk-free and hassle-free with Leaseway Corp.

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