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Why Flexible Container and Trailer Rentals Are Best for Storage In Calgary

Updated: Jul 26, 2022

A lot of commercial storage rental options offer inflexible contracts and exorbitant fees for short-term rentals in an effort to pressure you into committing to longer periods. If you run a small or medium sized business, you may often need last-minute, short-term storage or container rental options which do not break the bank. Finding the right solutions can be difficult, time-consuming and stressful.

Top 5 Reasons to Choose Trailer and Container Rentals from Leaseway 

At Leaseway Corporation Limited, we are proud to offer a wide range of container and trailer rental solutions designed to be flexible and put the needs of the customer first. Container or trailer storage has the advantage of mobility, while still offering lots of space. These are easy to protect and do not require renting warehouse or office space, which can come with leases and potential tax complications. For your time and money, this is by far the best opportunity out there. Here are the top 5 reasons to choose Leaseway:

1. Cost-effective: Most storage solutions, especially those involving warehouse space, are costly and designed to encourage longer-term contracts. Leaseway is different. We strive to provide all our customers, long or short-term, with the best, most cost-effective solutions for their storage needs. When you rent with us, you can be certain you are getting the best value for your money along with great service.

2. A flexible solution: You have a sudden over-stocking of inventory and no place to put it. You have to do last-minute repairs at your store and need a place to keep stock and furniture. Whatever the situation, Leaseway is here to get the job done right, in a way that is convenient and, most importantly, fast.

3. A wide selection: Whatever type of storage you need, we will work hard to provide it. We are proud to offer a wide range of solutions including dry vans, refrigerated trailers, flat decks, step decks, containers, specialty equipment, and more.

4. Convenient: Our team is ready and willing to accommodate you to ensure you have the best storage rental experience possible. Fast deliveries, efficient moves and pickups at short notice are not an extra but a core part of the top-quality service we take pride in providing.

5. Easy storage: Whichever option you decide to go with, we are able to guarantee a level of flexibility that few other storage rental companies can offer. Whether you are looking to rent a container to keep on-site, or prefer leaving your rental at our secure facility, we make it our mission to ensure the experience is as easy and efficient as possible.

For your commercial storage needs, renting a trailer or container is the smart, flexible and cost-effective solution, guaranteed to give you the best experience on the market. Offering a suite of options and services, Leaseway secures your satisfaction and works hard to maintain it.

Choose the right storage rental solution for your business. Call 403-290-0234 or contact us online to find out more.

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