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Why Leaseway Corporation Should Be Your Best Choice When It Comes To Rentals And Sales Of Semi-Trail

Updated: Jul 26, 2022

Most transportation businesses, big or small, need access to a variety of types of semi-trailers. Having a fleet of trailers at one's disposal guarantees that their will always be work to be had, as no transport job will be too big or too small. Leaseway Corporation's commercial trailer rentals in Calgary provides transport businesses with an entire fleet of trailer options—for rent or for sale. We offer storage vans, containers and container chassis as well for businesses that want additional warehouse space, or to move your own product around Calgary.

Commercial Trailer Rentals Calgary If you're a transport business in the Calgary area in need of semi-trailers or storage containers, Leaseway Corporation is your one-stop-shop. Established over 44 years ago, we've been providing Southern Alberta with reliable semitrailers for almost half a century. We pride ourselves on being able to problem-solve with our customers to find the perfect trailer solution. If you're looking for excellent customer service and dependable trailers, look no further. Trailers Available Being versatile in your transportation business is important in order to keep your workflow going. Building a relationship with us at, Leaseway Corporation, gives you access to a number of trailer types. Now you're capable of almost any transport job. Dry Van Storage Trailers Dry vans trailers get the job done when your business needs to store equipment, move commercial goods, store overstock of products, and transportation of any of the above. Dry van sizes available range from 28’ to 53’. Tandem and tridem units available as well. Flat decks & Specialty Equipment Needing to haul heavy equipment, vehicles, or loads of construction material? We offer a variety of flat decks, step decks, drop decks, trombones, low beds, and extendable decks. Our standard flat decks from 48’ to 53’ in length. However, we offer 53' triaxle step decks and extendable flat decks up to 90' in length. Step-deck and low bed trailers have a lower deck. This allows you to haul loads with a higher clearance height. Reefer Vans also known as Refrigerated Trailers With three sizes available (32',48', 53'), our reefer vans allow you to store temperature-sensitive products. Whether you're hauling meat that needs to stay frozen or produce that needs refrigeration, we have options for you. Containers & Container Chassis Access to storage for inventory or equipment is easy with metal storage containers. Keep your goods out of the elements and securely locked away in one of our various sized containers. Need refrigeration? We have you covered. Our refrigerated containers are insulated with dense foam making them efficient and cost-effective when needing to refrigerate perishable goods. Renting vs Buying All options are available at our commercial trailer rentals Calgary location. Which option is right for you depends on your business needs. If your business needs are short-term, like a couple of weeks or maybe a month or two, then renting a trailer is the way to go. Renting gives you the option to have your trailer maintenance by mechanics staffed by us. This will ensure that your trailer stays in top condition and road safe throughout your job. Give Us A Call! We provide the best commercial trailer rentals Calgary has to offer, hands down. With 44 years of experience, we have solutions for your transportation needs. Give us a call today and talk with one of our trailer experts.

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