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Flat deck Trailer Rentals in Calgary: A Comprehensive Overview

Updated: Apr 2

flat deck trailer

The long open roads around Southern Alberta might seem like an effortless and enjoyable driving experience. But what happens when you face the prospect of transporting complex and massive equipment from place to place?

That conundrum is easy to solve with a flat deck trailer. Read on to learn why this is the trailer of choice for your transportation needs and how to find the perfect fit for your journey.

What Are Flat Deck Trailers?

Flat deck trailers are an alternative to the traditional type of enclosed trailer.

It's more versatile, and you can use these trailers for large and heavy goods. So whether you need them for commercial or personal use, these open deck trailers could be your best option.

You can also choose from different types of trailers. For example, you can select by load. That helps you get a better match and avoid renting a trainer with excess capacity, saving you money.

A lightweight single-axel trailer is smaller and easy to maneuver. They are ideal for small personal loads like garden equipment or furniture.

A heavy-duty multi-axel trailer can carry large loads over long distances. They are often better for commercial use as you can move items like large, heavy machinery.

How to Choose the Right Trailer Options

Cost will be a factor when choosing a trailer, but it's not the only one. You need to think about the efficiency and safety of your trailer, too.

Your first step is to assess the weight and measurements of your items. You'll need to do this before selecting a trailer type.

Remember to determine how you'll load and move items onto the trailer when you do this. Larger items could require specialist equipment like hydraulic lifts or ramps.

Consider safety aspects like stability, too. You may find that heavy loads can fit onto a smaller trailer. However, a larger heavy-duty trailer will offer more stability for those loads.

If in doubt, always contact our professional team for advice.

Renting a Trailer: the Process

The process for renting trailers in Calgary is straightforward. You will want to spend time researching local rental companies.

Choose one in your location. We have been the first choice rental company in Calgary and Southern Alberta since we started in 1976.

When finding a rental company, check their options and availability. You'll need to do this before confirming rental rates.

You'll need identification and proof of your relevant insurance to rent a trailer.When you collect the trailer, double-check that your towing vehicle is ready.

Run maintenance checks and ensure it has all the correct equipment.

The rental company will provide safety guidelines on how to use the trailer, so always follow these. Before you leave with your rental, you must review and sign the lease agreement.

Hiring a Flat Deck Trailer: Choose a Company You Trust

When moving large items, getting the right equipment is vital. It's essential to go with a reliable and trusted rental company that best fits your needs.

You can start that rental process for a flat deck trailer now at Leaseway Corporation Limited.

We have earned a first-class reputation in Calgary and are trusted by many local companies. Your first step is to talk to our team today. 


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