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The Common Types of Commercial Trailers

There are 2,343 rental trailers in Canada as of 2023. This impressive number reveals the high demand for this commercial trailer rentals. What challenges occur if you don't know about the various commercial trailer types?

You may pick the wrong trailer and lose revenue. Familiarizing yourself with the available options ensures cargo safety and heightened operational efficiency. Join us as we explore commercial trailer rentals in Calgary.

Flatbed Trailers: Essential for Bulk Cargo

Flatbed trailers also known as flat deck trailers rank among the top choices for transporting oversized and heavy cargo. Their open design allows for easy transportation of diverse items. People often use this to transport lumber and construction equipment.

These trailers stand out for their easy loading and unloading processes. Given their lack of sides and roofs, they grant seamless access to cranes and forklifts. A forklift weighs 9000 pounds, so secure it tight to avoid shifting during transit.

Reefer Trailers: Ensuring Fresh Deliveries

Reefers are the most vital types of commercial trailers in Calgary. They are critical for businesses transporting perishable items. You should store perishable food at a temperature of 40 F or below.

This trailer contains temperature control units. It helps safeguard the integrity and quality of temperature-sensitive cargo.

Dry Vans: Secure Transport for Diverse Cargo

This ride, known as the "box trailer," is ubiquitous in commercial trailers. Their enclosed design makes them perfect for safeguarding items, including:

  • Electronics

  • Apparel

  • Furnishings

Dry vans present a versatile alternative for anyone exploring options in Calgary. Beyond protecting goods, they also deter theft with their enclosed structure.

Lowboy Trailers: Catering to Heavy Machinery

These trailers help transport hefty equipment because of their unique dropped deck. It can carry bulldozers or excavators without surpassing road height limits. Construction or agriculture businesses may find renting lowboys more practical than purchasing.

Commercial Trailer Rentals Calgary

There is a surge in commercial trailer rentals in Calgary, highlighting the demand. Choosing the appropriate trailer type can optimize efficiency and reduce unwarranted expenses. Beyond efficient transport, this insight can preserve the safety of your cargo.

Renting a commercial trailer is no joke. Collaborate with an expert to enhance your transportation strategies. Opt for a trailer suited to your requirements from Leaseway Corporation Limited today.

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