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Why You Might Want to Consider Getting a Flat Deck Trailer Rental

Updated: Jul 26, 2022

When the need to transport cargo over road arises, you can choose from options such as dry vans, refrigerated trucks or flat deck trailer rentals. Each mode of transportation has its advantages over the other, and you should decide which type will help you get your job done.

Leaseway Corporation Ltd. has been in the business of providing semi-trailers for both rent and purchase for over 40 years. We provide equipment including dry vans, reefer vans and flat deck trailers. We also offer customizable solutions, whether it’s for small business owners or big corporations. We have been widely acknowledged for our large inventory and have gained a dedicated clientele loyal to us.

What Is a Flat Deck Trailer?

A type of open deck trailer, it has no sides or roof, providing quick loading and unloading. It is also very versatile, making it the perfect equipment for carrying industrial commodities. It is the best option for goods that are long or required to be lifted by a crane or a forklift.

It is perfect for heavy loads such as:

• Machinery

• Tubing

• Scaffolding

• Steel products

• Construction equipment

• Tubing

 Types of Flat Deck Trailers

Step deck trailer

This has a lower and an additional higher deck providing the capability to haul tall cargo. 

Extendable flat deck trailer

This goes up to 90 degrees and it can be used for carrying cargo that’s too long for a standard flat deck trailer.

Lowbed trailer

This is ideal for oversized goods. It is majorly used when the height of the cargo is too tall even for a step-deck trailer. It will also have an improved centre of gravity, perfect for heavy loads. 

Why You Should Consider Flat Deck Trailer Rental

Selecting the suitable appropriate equipment for moving your cargo is one of the most important things to do in logistics. If you don’t put any effort in this, there are high chances that you will spend an excess of time and money. 

Here are a few benefits of flat deck transportation to be considered:

Ease of loading

This is because of the open nature of the trailer. Enclosed ones will have a limited space which makes it difficult to load large cargo. On arriving at the intended destination, the goods can also be unloaded easily in a relatively short time.

Variety of material

This equipment is very useful if you have to transport large quantities of different materials at the same time. If there is a work on a housing project, material for interior work, wood for basic framing and other essential supplies can be simultaneously moved. This also helps in cutting shipping costs and accelerates project completion.

No loading dock

Flat deck trailers do not need to have access to a loading dock for unloading cargo. This is a crucial element that makes flat deck trailers very appealing to businesses. 

Let Leaseway Corporation Ltd. Help

We are proud to be one of the first choices for the contractors of Southern Alberta and Calgary. You can always count on our quality service regardless of the cargo you have to transport. Our staff will deliver the trailer to your location and will also assist in moving it if necessary. We also advise clients on what to go for as per their need.

Also, for more information on storage, read our blog - WHY FLEXIBLE CONTAINER AND TRAILER RENTALS ARE BEST FOR STORAGE IN CALGARY.

Call us today for further guidance regarding flat deck trailer rentals.

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